Hilando Libertades
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Textile Workshop: “Spinning freedoms”

Come and build your capucha (hood).

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Sí, apruebo nueva Constitución
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Meeting for the new Constitution

Our current Constitution was imposed by a civil-military dictatorship by blood and fire. Designed so a few benefit from Chile’s resources, abusing the chileans ever since under a neoliberal system. This stops now, with your vote.

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Performance Dam Square
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Manifestation at Dam Square

Demonstration in Dam Square as the first reaction to the reprehensible violations of human rights occurring in Chile.

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Fuerza Chile
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Strength for Chile

Musical intervention and manifestation at Amsterdam Central Station to support Chile.

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Ilustración Camilo Catrillanca
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Camilo Catrillanca Remembrance Day

We remember Camilo Catrillanca, young mapuche dad murdered by chilean police.

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