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Cultural and political demonstration in the Hague, in support of the international complaint against Sebastian Piñera in the International Criminal Court.

On the 2nd Anniversary of the Chilean Social Outbreak, before the verification that the state violence continues and that the Chilean justice keeps unpunished the serious human rights violations committed by agents of the Chilean state, we join to demand the international trial of S. Piñera for his crimes against humanity. 

When? October 18th, 2021. From 10:00 to 12:00

Where? Oude Waalsdorpersweg 10, The Hague.

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Cultural and political demonstration in Amsterdam, to demand respect for Human Rights in Chile

European agitation weekend:

Piñera to The Hague

Cultural and political demonstration to demand respect for Human Rights in Chile.

October 16th 2021, from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs. Dam Square, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

On the second anniversary of the Chilean social outbreak, several European-based social, political and Human Rights organisations have come together to demand truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition for the systematic Human Rights violations committed by agents of the Chilean State, endorsed by the criminal government of S. Piñera.

The most important national and international Human Rights organisations have recorded and reported hundreds of eye injuries caused by the impact of rubber bullets or teargas cans, torture, deaths, sexual abuse, illegal detentions and a series of other abuses and serious Human Rights violations. 

Likewise, the justice system criminalises and sanctions thousands of participants in legitimate social protest, sending them to jail and opening legal proceedings against them, without reliable evidence. Hundreds of them have been sent to pre-trial detention accused of violating the State’s Internal Security Law. To this day, dozens of them have been in prison for almost two years, at the insistence of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Prosecutor’s Office. They are mainly young, with no prior criminal record, victims of Political Prison (*).

For these reasons, based on the “principle of complementarity” of international law (Article 17 of the Rome Statute), we support the accusation presented before the International Criminal Court against S. Piñera for his crimes against humanity, by a series of Human Rights organisations, with former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón. And we demand his international judgment, through a series of political and cultural activities, which will take place in the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague, in the Netherlands.

In that context, as collective Chile Woke Up the Netherlands, thanks to the support of the organisation for Latin American Action the Netherlands (OLAA), we have organised a political and cultural demonstration for Saturday, October 16th, starting at 13:00 hrs. in Dam Square, Amsterdam, where we will meet a series of social and political organisations, musicians, dancers, artists and activists from different cities of Europe who support legitimate social protest in Chile and Latin America.

Each and everyone is invited to participate in this demonstration that calls for justice, dignity and peace for the people of Chile!

(*) For more information about Political Prisoners you can consult our special report. 


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Launch of the poetry book “Keep barking” by Aldo Contreras Droguett.

Next Monday, October 18th, as part of the commemoration of the social outbreak in Chile, the Chilean poet Aldo Contreras Droguett and the collective Chile Woke Up the Netherlands will launch his new book of poetry: “Keep barking,” inspired by Chilean social protest.

The launch will take place in Batjanzaal, Batjanstraat 68, Amsterdam (near Muiderpoortstation, Molukkenstraat).

Everyone is welcome at 6:00 p.m.

We will also have good music by the musician Jano Kuriche, a virtual photo exhibition by the Chilean photographer Mario Aguirre Montaldo, Chilean empanadas, red wine and a good conversation.

Organized by: Aldo Contreras Droguett and the Chile Woke UP the Netherlands Collective.

Facebook event available in

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Fonda “Con todo sino pa` qué?

Last weekend many people who live in these territory met at the Fonda “Con Todo Sino pa`qué”, sharing a beautiful cultural day, in solidarity with the social and territorial movement in Chile.

We thank all the people who always accompany us and support our activities!.

We would like to especially thank the music groups: PanPan VinoVino, Jano, Santo Remedio and the Champurria duo, as well as the Newen Copihue dance group, for sharing their art.

Also to our friends from Restaurant El Verano (Bussum), to Mario Ramírez for his support and especially to all the volunteers that make up the Chile Woke Up The Netherlands a great family.


Photos by Natalia Hernández

Hilando Libertades
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Textile Workshop: “Spinning freedoms”


Textile Workshop “Spinning freedoms”

Solidarity Diaspora Foundation

In the context of the Conference on “Women, Equality and Freedom”, organized by the Minerva Project for March 7th, we invite you to be part of this space of reflection and collective textile action, as a testimony of our struggle against patriarchy and inequalities and injustices generated by the neoliberal economic model, in people and communities.

In it you will create your own capucha (hood): as a symbol of the right to anonymity and freedom of expression, or embroider / paint your handkerchief, a symbol of the feminist struggle to achieve full recognition and exercise of our rights to be human, and autonomy over our own body

We invite you to bring: colored elastic fabrics, scissors, needles, thread, chalk, liquid silicone, sequins, buttons, mostacilla, pompoms, disused cotillions, lace, pieces of cloth, wool.

What time?:
From 16:30 to 17:50.
Saturday March 7th
Migrant House (Van Ostadestraat 268, 1073 TV Amsterdam).

Acknowledgment for the inspiration to: #museovioletaparra, #ComplejoConejo, #capuchasrojasenresistencia, #Bailacapuchabaila, #Museodelamemoriaylosderechoshumanosdechile, #milagujasporladignidad.