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Speech by the Chile Woke Up The Netherlands Collective, for the October 16th, 2021 demonstration in Amsterdam.

Photos by: Romy Fernández

“On the second anniversary of the social uprising in Chile, various organizations of the Chilean community in Europe demand truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence of the serious Human Rights violations that occurred during the social revolt in Chile.

What began as a series of student actions in October 2019 turned into a movement of hundreds of thousands of citizens who took to the streets throughout the country in what we know as the “Chilean Social Outbreak.” Thousands of citizens expressed their dismay at the neoliberal economic system that structurally generates great inequalities among the population. This model was imposed by force during the civic-military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, who ruled the country with an iron fist from 1973 to 1990. During his regime, many of the basic needs of life, such as water, were privatized. As a result, the State of Chile cannot guarantee universal human rights such as the right to a quality health system, education, housing and pensions.

For two years, hundreds of demonstrations have been brutally repressed by the Chilean government and thousands of citizens were arrested. The Chilean police “Carabineros” of Chile continue to use the same intimidating tactics that prevailed during the dictatorship, such as torture and sexual abuse. Hundreds of people have been convicted based on assemblages or the mere testimony of the police. Others have been detained in preventive detention for months. Violence against minors, women, LGBTI + people, immigrants and indigenous peoples, especially the Mapuche people, is particularly serious. The press and human rights activists and observers have also received constant threats.

The systematic and persistent human rights violations committed by State agents are accompanied by widespread impunity. The National Institute of Human Rights of Chile (INDH) indicated yesterday, October 15, 2021, that of the 3,072 charges filed against state agents, only 4 have resulted in convictions.

Since the protests began in October 2019, more than 5,600 citizens have reported human rights violations to the Public Ministry. At least 405 people have suffered serious eye injuries from lead rubber bullets and tear gas canisters. Gustavo Gatica and Fabiola Campillay were blinded for life. At least 35 people have died and last Sunday, October 10, the human rights observer Denise Cortés died during a protest to vindicate the demands of the Mapuche, the main indigenous people of Chile.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Inter-American Association for Human Rights, and the United Nations have issued reports on human rights violations in Chile. Yesterday, October 15, 2021, in a new report published by Amnesty International Chile, Ana Piquer, its executive director pointed out: “Thousands of victims today could tell a different story, if it were not for the fact that the leadership of the Chilean police deliberately allowed torture and mistreatment of protesters to disperse them at all costs. ”Or stop them without due guarantees. The authorities knew what was happening and did not act decisively to prevent such actions from happening again. Two years after the outbreak, investigations are barely progressing. The Public Ministry must immediately investigate the responsibility of the entire command line, down to the highest level. We hope that this report will help end this long-standing and unacceptable impunity. “

Therefore, based on the “principle of complementarity” of international law (Article 17 of the Rome Statute), we support the accusation presented before the International Criminal Court by a series of organizations of human rights abuses, including the former Spanish judge. Baltasar Garzón, against President Sebastián Piñera for his crimes against humanity.

We also call on the European governments to stop this indifference toward the human rights violations not only in Chile, but also in other Latin American countries such as Colombia. It is necessary to condemn violence against the civilian population and demand concrete measures to prevent human rights violations.




Chile Woke Up The Netherlands Collective, October 16th, 2021.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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[Thursday’s Gathering] Indigenous people of Chile and their rights taken by the chilean State


Tertulia del Jueves

Thursday’s Gathering

Next thursday august 13th 2020

13:00 hrs. Chile / 19:00 hrs. The Netherlands.


“Indigenous people of Chile and their rights taken by the chilean State”


  • Elisa Loncon Antileo. Mapuche Academica, Coordinator of The Network for Educational and Linguistic Rights of the Indigenous People of Chile. PhD in Humanities, University of Leiden, The Netherlands; Master in Linguistics from the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico.
  • Luis Llanquilef Rerequeo. Lonco Mapuche Lafkenche, Sociologist and activist for territorial defense in the face of the progress of extractive and forestry projects in the coast of Valdivia, south of Chile. Colaborator of the Mapuche Center of Human Rights.
  • Leyla Noriega. Aymara and Journalist. Producer and host of the radio program AYNI, space for the promotion and education in Human Rights and current affairs of indigenous peoples and social movements.
  • Alexa Garin-Fernandez. Aymara, feminist of color and Microbiologist (PhD) Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.

Meeting Video Available in

Mujeres Primera Línea
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Open meeting Chile Despertó Holland

February 23rd, 14:00 to 19:00 hrs. De Fabriek Volkskamer, Van Ostadestraat 233, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Asamblea Abierta
February 23rd, 14:00 to 19:00 hrs. De Fabriek Volkskamer, Van Ostadestraat 233, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Facebook event link.

Everyone invited to participate of this Open Meeting in Amsterdam!

“Building the participation of Chileans abroad in the Constituent Process”


  • 14:00 – Welcome. (5 min)
  • What has happened in Chile in the last few weeks? Infographic.
  • Proposal “Chile Despertó International Network about vote of chileans abroad” for the whole constituent process; and other electoral processes.
  • Creation of Comissions.
  • Workgroup: ideas, slogans and phrases for the march for the International Women’s Day.
  • 17:00 – Presentation of music band and Dinner (Menu €6, includes pasta with vegetarian salsa, salad and dessert).

The money raised in the dinner will go in benefit of the activities of the First Line and Legal advice for victims of the State violence and Human Rights violations in Chile.

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Strength for Chile

Lyrics: Para que nunca más en Chile, Sol y Lluvia.
Music: Fuerza Chile
Flashmob in Amsterdam Central Station

via Slow Edit Amsterdam

Cultural info night for Chile
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Cultural and informative night for Chile

Because the fight hasn’t stopped yet, because misinformation is the weapon of our enemy.

Cultural and informative night for Chile

Friday November 22nd 2019, 17:00 to 00:00, Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95 1093 XN Amsterdam.

  • Textile workshop: global textile manifestation for Chile and Latin America.
  • Info talk: updates.
  • Live music.
  • Vegan food.
  • DJ Rengo Estar.

We need your solidarity in order to help social organizations in Chile.