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Open meeting Chile Despertó Holland

February 23rd, 14:00 to 19:00 hrs. De Fabriek Volkskamer, Van Ostadestraat 233, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Asamblea Abierta
February 23rd, 14:00 to 19:00 hrs. De Fabriek Volkskamer, Van Ostadestraat 233, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Facebook event link.

Everyone invited to participate of this Open Meeting in Amsterdam!

“Building the participation of Chileans abroad in the Constituent Process”


  • 14:00 – Welcome. (5 min)
  • What has happened in Chile in the last few weeks? Infographic.
  • Proposal “Chile Despertó International Network about vote of chileans abroad” for the whole constituent process; and other electoral processes.
  • Creation of Comissions.
  • Workgroup: ideas, slogans and phrases for the march for the International Women’s Day.
  • 17:00 – Presentation of music band and Dinner (Menu €6, includes pasta with vegetarian salsa, salad and dessert).

The money raised in the dinner will go in benefit of the activities of the First Line and Legal advice for victims of the State violence and Human Rights violations in Chile.

Sí, apruebo nueva Constitución
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Meeting for the new Constitution

Meeting for the plebiscite in April: what we must know about the current Constitution and why we need to change it.

Let’s prepare together for the New Constitution Campaing!

Facebook event.

Sunday, january 26th, 14:30 hrs. at De Fabriek Volkskamer. Van Ostadestraat 233, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


14.30 Welcoming
15.00 Summary of the situation of Chile.
15.30 Constituent Process today: what has changed? what has stayed the same?
16.00 YES! Campaign
17.00 Dinner: drinks and food
Yo sí apruebo nueva Constitución
Yo Sí apruebo Nueva Constitución para Chile

Chile Despertó Holanda

Red Chile Despertó Internacional

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Vote for the new Constitution in the April 2020 Plebiscite

According to what is established in the Law 20,960, Chileans abroad may participate in the referendum convened in Chile by April 2020, in order to determine whether citizens agree to initiate a constitutional process to generate a new Constitution, and determine the mechanism for said process.

For now, it will not be possible to vote from abroad for the election of the so-called constituents, which is set for October 25, 2020 because that would have to be approved by an enabling bill.

How to vote abroad?

If you are Chilean and you are not registered in the Electoral Registry you can request your incorporation at the Chilean Consulate in Amsterdam. And if you were born abroad, but you are Chilean, to request your incorporation you must have lived in Chile for more than 1 year.

If you are registered in the electoral register with a Chilean address you must change you electoral address to your current one in the Netherlands on the website of the Electoral Registry SERVEL. For that you will need to have your personal electronic code (it’s like the Dutch DigiD). If you don’t have it you can obtain it at the General Consulate of Chile in Amsterdam. In that diplomatic headquarters you can also make the change of electoral address in person. To do this you must present your identity card or Chilean passport.

Address changes may be made until the enactment of the decree calling the referendum. That date does not depend on Servel, so therefore they are telling everybody to register or make the change of electoral address  during the month of November.

More information:

Asamblea informativa
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Informative Meeting

When? Sunday November 24th, 14:00 hrs.

Where? De Volkskamer, Van Ostadestraat 233-D, 1073 TN, Amsterdam.

Dear all, this event has been called since a proposal has recently been created by the political parties for the process of a new Constitution.

That is why this Informative Assembly has been convened, with the purpose of dialoguing, knowing and understanding the proposal, where we can all jointly reflect on this topic as well as other related and necessary conversations.

In addition, we will announce the conclusions of our first Open Town Hall in Amsterdam.

We cordially invite you to participate in this space of collective deliberation, where you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon among Chileans.


Cultural info night for Chile
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Cultural and informative night for Chile

Because the fight hasn’t stopped yet, because misinformation is the weapon of our enemy.

Cultural and informative night for Chile

Friday November 22nd 2019, 17:00 to 00:00, Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95 1093 XN Amsterdam.

  • Textile workshop: global textile manifestation for Chile and Latin America.
  • Info talk: updates.
  • Live music.
  • Vegan food.
  • DJ Rengo Estar.

We need your solidarity in order to help social organizations in Chile.