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Special Report about the crisis of Human Rights in Chile: Political Prisoners of the October Revolt, 2019.

 Below you can find the special report prepared by the Human Rights Commission of Chile Woke Up the Netherlands, at the following link Political Prisoners of the October Revolt In Chile

This report is the basis of our fundraising campaign to support the political prisoners of the October Revolt in Chile.

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Protest in front of the ICC in The Hague, June 18, 2021

THE HAGUE – Today we denounced the human rights violations in Chile. We demand the release of all political prisoners and respect for the citizens who are exercising their right to protest. We demand truth, justice and reparation for the victims of the criminal government of Sebastian Piñera and we ask the International Criminal Court to review the documents sent by Judge Garzon and other human rights organization so that Piñera can be judged in a trial at ICC of The Hague.

Photos taken by Romy Fernandez

Download our Public Statement “Piñera to The International Criminal Court”  by Chile Woke Up the Netherlands in the next link

Public Statement

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Protest in front of the General Consulate of Chile in Amsterdam

Video by Slow Edit Amsterdam

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3er Virtual Chilean Assembly in the Netherlands

The Chilean Assembly of the Netherlands is an space for political and social action, for the coordination of concrete actions of support, visibility and search for justice in the face of human rights violations, the violation of political, social, economic and environmental rights. And against the effects of the economic, social and health crisis generated by Covid-19.

Due to the Corona Pandemic it is a virtual meeting by zoom.

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3rd Melon with Wine Gathering in Amsterdam’s Noorderpark

September 5th, 2020.