Chile Woke Up, The Netherlands

 Chile Woke Up the Netherlands Collective (Chile Despertó Holanda in Spanish), is a sum of people and willingness gathered to denounce before the Dutch and international community, about the systematic violations of Human Rights and the deep crisis of democracy in Chile, intensified from October 2019 to date.

Since our first demonstration in front of the Chilean embassy in The Hague, on October 20th, 2019, we have raised the voice demanding the restitution of the rule of law, justice, truth and reparation to the victims of Human Rights violations. Also, demanding penal prosecution to the State Agents and the Government of S. Piñera, starting for the president himself, who has systematically used the force in an excessive, disproportionate and punitive way, to stop the legitimate right to protest, criminalising demonstrations and protesters.

We have organised ourselves as a self-convened political movement, independent of any political party, of popular base, which recognises above all the dignity and autonomy of each person and of each nation.

Through our actions, we seek to promote the effective exercise of Human Rights, the respect for cultural, sexual and ethnical diversity, substantive equality of people, feminism, plurinationality, interculturality, the social ownership of natural resources and protection of the environment, among others.

Likewise, we generate actions to support the development of social and community movements in Chile, which actively fight against social injustice, structural inequality, as well as for the protection of their ways of life and the environment.

Photo by Romy Fernández