Chile Woke Up, The Netherlands

“Chile Despertó Holanda” (in Spanish), is a sum of people and wills gathered to denounce before the Dutch and international community, the systematic violations of Human Rights and the deep crisis of democracy in Chile, from October 2019 to date.

Likewise, raising the voice demanding the restitution of the rule of law, justice, truth and reparation to the victims of Human Rights for the excessive use of force, disproportionality and the criminalization of social protest, committed by State agents and supported by the Government of S. Piñera.

Furthermore, generating actions to support the development of social and communitary movements in Chile, which actively fight against social injustice, structural inequality, as well as for the protection of their ways of life and the environment.

Chile woke up the netherlands, who are we?
Since our first demonstration in front of the Chilean embassy in The Hague, on October 20, 2019, we have organized as a self-convened political movement, independent of any political party, of popular base, which recognizes above all the dignity and autonomy of each person. and of each nation. We promote the effective exercise of Human Rights, respect for cultural, sexual and ethnic diversity, substantive equality of people, feminism, plurinationality, interculturality, the social ownership of natural resources and protection of the environment.

Thanks to the voluntary work of its members and the help of many people who have joined and participated, we have developed many solidarity actions such as: demonstrations, performances, cultural events, weekly webinars, cooking or textile workshops, summer cultural meetings (“Melvin”) or by selling products made by ourselves, like empanadas or cakes.

All these actions seek both to raise money to support different social and territorial organizations and to make the Chilean political and human rights crisis visible.

Initiatives and social groups that we have supported

  • Coordinator for the liberation of the Political Prisoners of the Revolt, October 18.
  • Spokespersons for Mapuche Political Prisoners of Lebu and Machi Celestino Córdova.
  • The Defense Movement for access to Water, Land and Environmental Protection (MODATIMA).
  • Money and supplies donations to different common pots such as Lo Hermida, La Pincoya and Pedro Aguirre Cerda, in Santiago. Los Changos, in the region of Coquimbo or the Common pots of Valle Hermoso, in the commune of La Ligua – region of Valparaíso.
  • Financial support for the physical reproduction (printing) of the Book for children that explains what is a common pot? An initiative of the feminist foundation “Casa Enjambre” in Lo Hermida-Santiago.
  • Last weekend (April 11th), we just finished a new campaign to sell Chilean empanadas, with the purpose to send all the money raised to the NGO Coordinator of Ocular Trauma.
  • Civil Health Devices of the demonstrations: Red Helmets and Blue Helmets (who help the injured protesters).