Crowdfunding Political Prisoners

Support the political prisoners in Chile!

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we cannot organize solidarity events to raise money. As a result, we are appealing to the generosity of all those who wish to support the cause of Chilean political prisoners and help them to bear the terrible situation they are facing.

All the detained and processed citizens have been participating in the social protests of the October revolt, and therefore the main objective of these demonstrations was clearly political, in the sense that they were claiming political, economic and social transformations. Although in recent weeks some detainees have been released after the court determined that the existing evidence against them had no legal validity, many political prisoners are still awaiting their trial. Others have received excessively high sentences after being convicted by the State Security Act.

In Chile, a large part of the prisons are private concessions, which means that many of the detainees have not been guaranteed a minimum access to personal protection items such as facemasks and disinfectants. The families of these political prisoners are people of limited resources that do not have enough money to pay for these products and other basic items such as: clothing, sheets, blankets and personal hygiene items, among others, that allows them to maintain their stay in prison in humanly decent conditions. Others have fallen under the care of negligent lawyers and scammers who do not defend them properly and know they can’t afford a good lawyer. That’s why it’s urgent that we support them in this terrible struggle they are facing.

If you want to support political prisoners in Chile, you can make a donation to the bank account of the Diaspora Solidarity Foundation located in the Netherlands:
De Solidaire Diaspora Stg

If you have a Dutch bank account you can also use this direct link to make a payment.

It’s also possible to make a donation trough:

What will we do with the money?
Sponsor political prisoners and help them pay part of their expenses, while they are in jail or under house arrest.

The money will be used to pay:
1) Legal defense: This includes the fee of the lawyers, fines and bonds, the costs of laboratory analysis of physical evidence and payment of expertise to clarify the investigated facts.
2) Basic needs: food, water, clothing, personal hygiene items, books and other basic needs, whether they are in prison or in house arrest.

It’s important to say that since January 2021, the Sponsorship Group of the Chilean Assembly of the Netherlands have been supporting political prisoners. This support group has managed to mobilize monetary and psychological support to 7 Chilean political prisoners. In addition, it has helped expose their stories and the injustice they face day by day. However, their resources are limited and they need more fundings. One of the goals of this crowdfunding is to support them and other new political prisoners that are in need of help.

If you want to know more about the political prisoners we support, we invite you to check their stories here.

Here you can download this report in PDF format.