Citizen Consultation

Citizen Consultation for Chilean people, resident in the Netherlands

December 2019.

  1. About it:

In the context of the Social Uprising that began in Chile on October 18th 2019, the Chilean people residing in the Netherlands have convened in many instances and actions to demand the respect of Human Rights, the restitution of the rule of law, and to support the Chilean people who are facing violence and state brutality by the Government of S. Piñera.

As Chile Woke Up the Netherlands we have organized this instance to reflect and participate collectively as Chilean citizens in the identification of the main demands of the Chilean People, but also to propose alternatives to solve them, from our experience as migrants, residing in the Netherlands.

The content of this consultation is based on the Citizen Consultation convened by more than 225 Municipalities of Chile, for December 15th, 2019, which seeks to overcome the deep Chilean democratic crisis, from the participation and deliberation of citizens on their own demands (and solutions). Due to our special reality as Chilean immigrants, we add specific questions related to this matter.

This consultation has been virtual and will be available for five days, from December 17th, to December 22th, 2019. 

More information about this consultation in the next link Consulta electrónica ciudadana autoconvocada para Chilenas_os residentes en Países Bajos c_formulario (1) (Available only in Spanish).

2. Results

More information about the results of this consultation in the next link Principales resultados Consulta (Available only in Spanish).