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[Thursday’s Gathering] The fight of the social movements towards extractivism of the neoliberal economic model


Tertulia del Jueves 3-8-2020

Next Thursday september 3rd 2020

13:00 hrs Chile, 19:00 hrs. The Netherlands.

Join us here in the Zoom meeting.


  • Rodrigo Mundaca. National spokeperson for MODATIMA, Movement for the Defense of Access to Water. The defense and recovery of water in Chile; problems and challenges.
  • Francisca Rodríguez. President of ANAMURI, National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women. Food sovereignty; perspectives and challenges facing an economic model of land exploitation.
  • Director of ANAMURI. Exploitation in agricultural work and international solidarity.
  • Spokesperson for the Putaendo Resiste Association. Vizcachitas Holding mining project and the new environmental threat to the Aconcagua Valley.
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Podcast: Here we respect!

A podcast in which we talk about rights, yours, ours. Estefanía Labrín and Lorena Penjean talk and debate with different guests about the importance of respect for rights in Chile, and how they have been violated every day.

Plaza Italia October 2019
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Plaza de la Dignidad – live stream

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INDH Report

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