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Protest in front of the ICC in The Hague, June 18, 2021

THE HAGUE – Today we denounced the human rights violations in Chile. We demand the release of all political prisoners and respect for the citizens who are exercising their right to protest. We demand truth, justice and reparation for the victims of the criminal government of Sebastian Piñera and we ask the International Criminal Court to review the documents sent by Judge Garzon and other human rights organization so that Piñera can be judged in a trial at ICC of The Hague.

Photos taken by Romy Fernandez

Download our Public Statement “Piñera to The International Criminal Court”  by Chile Woke Up the Netherlands in the next link

Public Statement

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April 17: protest on the International Day of the Political Prisoner in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

On the International Day of the Political Prisoner, the Chilean community in the Netherlands joins the call for justice and immediate freedom for all political prisoners in Chile and Wallmapu. Before the international community, Chile presents itself as a free and democratic state, but the figures presented by national and international organizations that defend human rights say otherwise. Every day we receive videos in which we see images of how the human rights of the Chilean citizens are being violated. However, our politicians do nothing and state agents of the Forces of Order and Security act with total impunity.
On May 15 and 16,  there will be elections to elect constituents to draft a new constitution. This process would not have been possible if thousands of citizens had not demonstrated throughout Chile. Today many of those protesters are in prison and face absurd sentences. Every week new citizens are being imprisoned without evidence that they have committed any crime. To the government of Chile we say: enough of criminalizing social leaders and those who exercise the free right to demonstrate for a better Chile.
Freedom to all political prisoners in Chile, including Mapuche political prisoners!
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Protest in front of the General Consulate of Chile in Amsterdam

Video by Slow Edit Amsterdam

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Tío Tatán by Chile Woke Up the Netherlands

Demonstration in The Peace Palace, The Hague, on 29th March, 2021.

Performance “Tío Tatán” By Chile Despertó Holanda.

Lyrics adaptation “Tío Caimán” by Quilapayún.

We were demanding the immediate freedom of all political prisoners in Chile, also the prosecution of the crimes against human rights and the reparation to the victims, as well as the international prosecution of President S. Piñera in the International Criminal Court for the crimes against the humanity that his government has committed.

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[The Thursday’s Gathering Presents] Reflexions over the Plebiscite for a new Constitution with Gabriel Salazar

Tertulia Plebiscito Gabriel Salazar

We invite you to participate in the discussion “Reflections on the plebiscite of October 25th with Gabriel Salazar. Has popular sovereignty been manifested?”

Participate through Zoom is this Thursday, October 29, at 3:00 p.m. Chile and 19 hrs. The Netherlands and Central Europe.

We want to reflect together with the Professor, National History Prize winner, Gabriel Salazar, on the historical antecedents that led to the plebiscite of October 25th, as an “institutional” solution to the social and political crisis, which has remained in evidence after the revolt of October 18th, 2019. And on the real options (or not) that are opened with its results, as a reflection of popular sovereignty, for the resolution of the problems of inequality, inequity, injustice and impunity (so urgent and rooted in our history). As well as, in the deep transformation of the State, towards one that guarantees respect for dignity, Human and social Rights, as well as the integral and autonomous development of people, peoples and communities.