Santo Remedio in OCCII Livestream Solidarity Concert

We invite you to enjoy the lesser-known music styles of the Creole cultures of Latin America with the multi-talented Chilean musicians of Santo Remedio! Livestream link:

This livestream concert is also to support the struggle of the political prisoners in Chile. Many young Chilean citizens are in prison after protesting for a better economic, social and political system after the Social Revolt of October 2019. Thanks to those protest and the sacrifice of many Chileans, next Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May there will be elections in Chile to select the members of the body that will draft a new constitution. That’s why we can’t forget our political prisoners. And we must not only honour them, but also help them financially.


With energetic rhythms, passionate vocals and a wide variety of sounds, Santo Remedio takes the listener on a journey of discovery through the South American continent. The sound of their music is characterized by the variety of instruments, all band members are multi-instrumentalists. Macarena Paz Pizarro is the lead singer with her  powerful warm alto voice and plays cajon, bombo leguero and string instruments. Rodrigo Cortes plays guitar, cuatro and charrango, Eduardo Navea plays typical South American flutes such as quena and quenacho, string instruments and percussion, Alejandro Arrate plays bass guitar, piano and percussion instruments.

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If you want to support political prisoners in Chile, you can make a donation to the bank account of the Diaspora Solidarity Foundation located in the Netherlands:
De Solidaire Diaspora Stg

If you have a Dutch bank account you can also use this direct link to make a payment.

It’s also possible to make a donation trough:

Author: Nicole van Baal