The Thursday’s Gathering Presents: Proposals from feminist practices for the New Constitution

With this meeting wants to know the expectations and visions of feminist women candidates for the Constitutional Convention, who have organized territorially, socially and trade unions to resist and fight against the structures of domination, discrimination and structural violence that affect women, children and dissidents in Chile.

We also want to know the proposals from feminist practices, to advance in the recognition and effective exercise of Human, civil and political, social and cultural Rights, which, based on the recognition of gender equality and equality before the law, allows progress towards a a more just, inclusive and dignified society for all people and peoples.


  • Karina Nohales Peña, Labor Lawyer, Spokesperson for the 8M National Feminist Coordinator. Candidate for the Constituent Convention for the 10th district. 
  • Ericka Ñanco Vásquez, Candidate for Constituent for the 23rd district of Araucanía. Coming from the lof Hualacura de Nueva Imperial. Member of the Ngulumapu Women’s Assembly. Secretary of the Pelontxaro Intercultural Academy Foundation.
  • Luz Vidal Huiriqueo, Constituent candidate for district 9. Former president of the Casa Particular Workers’ Union.

Video available in the next link

Author: Champurria