Will green technology kill Chile’s deserts?

The Atacama in northern Chile is the driest desert in the world, and may be the oldest. It also holds 40% of the world’s lithium – an essential ingredient in the rechargeable batteries used in green technology. Indigenous leaders and scientists say Chile’s plans to feed a global green energy boom with Atacama lithium will kill the desert. As violent protests rock the country, they are fighting for the mining to stop. Watch this report from The Guardian to know more about what’s happening in the North of Chile. 

Open meeting Chile Despertó Holland

We will talk about the latest developments in Chile. We’ll prepare ourselves for the upcoming International Women’s Day and other events. There will be also a Dinner and Live music!

Meeting for the new Constitution

Our current Constitution was imposed by a civil-military dictatorship by blood and fire. Designed so a few benefit from Chile’s resources, abusing the chileans ever since under a neoliberal system. This stops now, with your vote.